Ashtanga Light


Ashtanga Light is a practice exploring the foundations of Ashtanga Yoga. This All-Levels class is a dynamic practice that synchronizes breath with movement to build heat while creating resilience in the mind and body. It is open to everyone, from complete beginners to those seeking to re-visit with the fundamental principles of the practice. We will explore Ujjayi breathing and bandhas (energetic locks) while moving through sun salutations and standing postures with modifications for all levels. Each class will revisit many of the same asanas to establish consistency and a base line for your own growth, and we’ll also dabble with a range of seated postures to explore the depth of Ashtanga Yoga. This class has been designed to be the next step on your path to enlightenment. Ok, we can’t make any promises, but in this class we will shine a light on Ashtanga’s ancient, and powerful practice for cultivating physical, mental, and spiritual health.

No classes are scheduled in the near future.