Abbie Williams


I first discovered yoga when I was pregnant 10 years ago in a prenatal class. I was surprised at how much yoga reduced my stress level and how amazing I felt after gifting myself that much needed time that I hungered for. I continued on with my practice, after giving birth, with a baby and me yoga class and ventured on to continuing with a personal practice on my own over the years. My daughter joins me on occasion, and I’m thrilled that we get to continue to share this connection and bond together while we both do something we love and enjoy. I recently departed from the corporate world to explore a more spiritual and self-fulfilling path as a Yoga Teacher, which has brought me here. A yoga practice, to me, is a sacred gift that is given to oneself by taking time out of one’s busy schedule to practice self-love, self-gratitude, self-care and self-awareness. I am excited to share a creative way of expressing, connecting and grounding with a beautiful yoga practice.

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Abbie's Schedule

No scheduled classes or workshops in the near future.