Jess Corallo


After years of sever digestive-health issues & doctor visits, I got myself to a hot yoga class. I was soon led to the ancient wisdoms of Yoga, Ayurveda & Shamanic earth-medicine. I now have full control over my body again, pain & med-free! Your body is your very best teacher when you begin to listen. I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training at SchoolYoga Institute in California, where I met the lifestyle changes I needed to make in order to heal. I found miraculous health benefits from daily meditation and slow movement, using intentional breath to control the body.

I spent many years as a display artist in New York. I completed my first Yin training here, at the Integral Yoga Institute in Greenwich Village. The streets of New York are where I learned to meet people just as they are, living among all walks of life! The greatest yoga practice of all was learning to access stillness in the chaos, to find beauty in the raw. New York taught me the extremes of the Yin & Yang, challenging me to see the Oneness in all.

After moving to Colorado for a slower pace, I found my new home at Asana studio. I completed a second Yin & Restorative Yoga training here. I offer a grounding class to help establish presence, balance, gentle strength and humble stillness. My focus is less about doing more, and more about undoing. Undoing stress, habits, judgements, expectations. There is a space that’s uncovered when we undo. From this release shines inherent wisdom, as our physical and spiritual bodies are awakened & restored back to equilibrium.
My intention is to offer comfort and ease to others in their practice, as they uncover their own magic in their own time! In my class, the juicy space between poses is just as important as the pose itself. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”. I welcome you in to explore, expand, and (re)discover your connection to the self!

Jess's Schedule

No scheduled classes or workshops in the near future.