Kim Lenhart


I found my love and commitment for yoga many years ago when I began attending yoga classes with my teenage daughter who had been diagnosed with scoliosis.  It did not take me long to become aware of the positive changes I was experiencing in my own mind and body.  I continue to have a deep gratitude for all the teachers who supported me on my journey with yoga.  Three years ago I decided to “pay it forward” by learning to guide others on their journey of yoga.  I strive to bring that same commitment to my students, helping them to recognize their strengths and limitations.  I believe yoga is a guide to transformation of mind, body and spirit.  With practice you too can get stronger, quite the mind, become awakened and let your spirit shine a light where there may be a shadow.  When linking these qualities together with the golden thread of breath we begin to see the possibilities of all our universe has to offer.  I invite you to come and experience for yourself, this beautiful thing called yoga.

Kim's Schedule

No scheduled classes or workshops in the near future.