Ronny Bilodeau


For as long as he can remember, Ronny has always been mesmerized and spellbound by the great mystery. What is this thing that we call “life?” Why are we here? Who am I, really? Refusing to take “Just don’t think about it” as an acceptable answer, his exploration of consciousness and his internal cosmos eventually led him to eastern philosophies, finding yoga and meditation in 2016. Through some initial “Aha!” moments in the practice and an undeniable harmonic resonance in his being, Ronny fell in love with the beauty, grace, and immersiveness of yoga as a radical, yet practical, path of self-inquiry.

Ronny’s unique teaching style invites students to remain light-hearted and grounded as they dive deeply within, finding moments of clarity and stillness in the midst of a sometimes chaotic world. He threads traditional yogic philosophy into his classes to connect students to the lineage of practitioners that came before them, offering a deeper connection to the practice itself. Ronny’s classes offer a safe environment for yogis of all levels to explore their own internal cosmos and become intimately familiar with their own body, breath, and mind.

Ronny's Schedule

No scheduled classes or workshops in the near future.