Sean Harper


Sean started his Yogic journey from a tattered paperback by Richard Hittleman that was probably published around 1970.  Fast forward to an attendance at a class offered by the YMCA downtown Denver in 1995, from there an Iyengar studio, he never stayed away from class for too long!  A graduate from the winter 2016-’17 Connect YTT at Asana Studio, he explored further not only his physical practice yet also the spiritual element to Yoga.  That combination which is recognized at Asana, plus the spectrum of styles of influence, really has a lot to do with why he has made it his “home studio” over the years.  Married with two young daughters he is well aware the challenges of having a consistent practice, whilst supporting a family.  Come join him to work though your practice and practice being present!

Sean's Schedule

No scheduled classes or workshops in the near future.