Tara Picklo


Tara truly tapped into a consistent yoga practice in 2009 when she was in the midst of challenging time caregiving for a loved one who was battling cancer. The connection of movement to breath, feeling the opening of energetic pathways in the body plus the overall strengthening and flexibility she gained from became something she craved regularly to help maintain much needed balance. Cultivating a consistent yoga practice during these challenging times helped Tara stay more grounded and at peace through whirlwinds of emotion and the major life transitions that faced her.

Through the past decade her yoga practice has ebbed and flowed to compliment a busy schedule racing bikes and running a small business while also helping her heal mentally from stress and anxiety, physically from injuries and emotionally from tragic grief. Tara completed a 200hr Teacher Training through Colorado School of Yoga in 2016 and now teaches integrated vinyasa, yin yoga and asana, meditation and pranayama to support cancer survivors and caregivers.

She believes that a good teacher is also a forever student and is currently enrolled in a Yoga Therapy program through Inner Peace Yoga. Tara hopes to inspire others in creating a yoga practice that creates harmony in body, mind and soul. When she teaches community classes, Tara creates fun flows that balance the body through strategic anatomic and energetic sequencing. She believes in feeling strong but soft both on the mat and in life, growing through what we go through and to “just breathe.”

Tara also volunteers with Special Olympics coaching swimming and cycling and has started to teach the athletes yoga. In her free time, you may find her outside on the trails running, mountain biking or simply soaking up the sun with her pups, partner and a big smile.

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Tara's Schedule

No scheduled classes or workshops in the near future.