Connect 200-Hour

Yoga Teacher Training Program

The Connect Yoga Teacher Training program is an exceptional, life-changing 200-hour training program developed by a specialized team of skilled and masterful teachers dedicated to authentically share the expansive knowledge of yoga.

Embedded within the ancient teachings are the secrets to longevity, optimal health, spiritual knowledge, and the unified vision of loving kindness and inner Peace. The Connect Yoga Teacher Training Program will guide the student to an incomparable level of practice, teaching capability, and integrated experience.

Your own special talents will unfold linking to the universal rhythms of peace, love, awareness, strength, subtlety, knowledge, community, courage and master skill. You will be guided to learn the classic roots of yoga asana practice in a modern context of alignment wisdom and mindfully aware sequencing patterns.

We’ll explore the specialties of yoga therapy, basic prenatal yoga, kundalini yoga, gentle yoga, yoga nidra, the holistic health science of ayurveda, and subtle body theories. One of the most important containers for the advanced program content are the teachings of awareness, meditation, and conscious breathing techniques.

The program is accessible to all and structures the progression of study to create advancing skill levels. The teachers and their talented, loving, and open-hearted approach allows you to enter into a safe, supportive place to explore strength that is grounding and softness that frees.

Please join us on this remarkable adventure, the amazing journey into the very center of the beauty and sweetness of Becoming.

Training Includes:
  • Yoga Alliance Approved 200-Hour Training
  • Receive over 200 training hours
  • Over 80 years of teaching within the Team
  • Receive one-one coaching
  • Free classes during the training
  • Books and training materials included
  • Receive early teaching experience
  • Opportunity to teach after training
  • 20% off faculty workshops for 1 year after training
  • 20% off most Asana retail
  • 15% off yoga store at Rolling Sands
  • Personalized gemstone mala