The Trilogy of Yoga, Ayurveda & Tantra with Chinnamasta Stiles

Learning how to live, love and let go.
The first day focus is on learning to observe the root cause of pain. Because how do you know where to go with your life, if you don’t understand why you are in pain, how to get out of pain and what tools support your body-mind-heart in flow and ease? A clear and truthful vision is the first step to a heart felt life on and off the mat. You learn to look at yourself through the lens of Patanjali Yoga Sutra’s offering you an effective approach to living your life as a Yogini/Yogi in the modern world. The appropriate tools for you in this moment arise when you start listening to your own story and how this shapes your body-mind. Once you get the story and see where you get stuck, the next step is applying and integrating personalized tools to shift into an experience of expansion and freedom. “It is not the person who should adapt to yoga, yet rather the yoga should be adapted to the person” Sri Krishnamacharya
This three-folded process of vision-action-cultivating self-love, is called Sadhana or personal practice. This is the life-thread for any Yogini / Yogi to sustain yourself and live your life fully, balancing serving yourself and serving others.
Chinnamasta teaches you, step by step how to manifest a life vision that makes your heart sing, your body energized and your mind clear and focused, so that your way of living not only effects your well-being, but radiates out and lifts your community.
“Your Sadhana is the foundation of your service to others”
Chinnamasta sharings are founded in the principles of Structural Yoga Therapy, a method developed by Mukunda Stiles who was one of the founders of Yoga Therapy in the ‘70s. This practical and profound approach alleviates pain and leads to the appropriate balance of strength and flexibility in the physical body. On a deeper level it leads to an increased level of serenity of mind and a heart-focused way of living. The practices will be adapted to your needs and meet you were you are. The day includes a dharma talk, a full structural yoga therapeutic practice, tools for alleviating and healing pain, recommendations for your personal 24/7 life-style , Q&A, completion with a sound bath and meditation.
Everything in life starts with energy or prana. Nothing can shift or come to fruition if their is a lack of prana. Prana or movement is fickle and easily disrupted, being the main cause for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances. 70% of the diseases find their root cause in a lack or obstruction of flow of prana.
Once you understand how to move from pain to ease, as Chinnamasta will share during day one of this program, the next step is a more subtle practice which results not merely in living, but in being fully alive.
Ayurvedic yoga sadhana is subtler, refined and beyond the gross physical body, healing not only your physical structure but also the pranic body. The pranic body is anything from your feelings, thoughts, sensations, to what moves your lymph and blood. It is crucial for health and healing to understand and experience how the pranas flow in your body and beyond.
For a Yogini/Yogi this translates first of all to the breath. How the breath carries the movement of the body and not the other way around. Secondly how the prana in the physical breath carries the impulses of thoughts, memories and feelings and how this effects your nervous system, neuro-pathways and your experience of your day to day life.
If you want to overcome stuck life patterns you need to know how to direct the life force. If you long to understand why you are having energy drops, why you feel overwhelmed, lack focus than you need to learn how to get the life force to flow appropriately. Disease happens when there is a lack of prana or an inappropriate flow of prana. Expansion, lightness of being, creativity, health and a sense of peace happen when you are in the flow.
This day includes a dharma talk inspiring the wisdom mind, lecture on prana, rasa (lymph) and rakta (blood) , a full ayurvedic yogic practice, tools to enhance/ redirect the flow of prana, Q&A, hands-on breathing, mantra & meditation to integrate and complete. A basic understanding of the five elements is recommended.
Tantra means to transform the weaving of life. Classical tantra is a devotional path for house holders, dedicated to the acknowledgment that you are pure love, radiant empowerment and wisdom. In tantra this is called Devi/Deva, the female/ male being of light. Many loose this belief in themselves, doubt their capacities and forget about the connection to their inner voice speaking to them. The Inner teacher has the capacity to distinguish what is elevating in life and what is not holding truth and adding on to the bag of karma. Each life experience in tantra is seen as an opportunity to gain insight, deepen the relationship with yourself and to slice through any obstacle with great love. Tantra sadhana supports you in unveiling what lies hidden (adrishti), removing the karmic blocks and finding your way back home, within your heart.
It is through the rubbing of life that we polish ourselves, that our hearts become a mirror in which the truth is seen. The friction in life causes the necessary heat, to transform that which is stagnant. This leads to the process of burning whatever can be burnt, until the only thing that remains is pure light. Tantra sadhana is different from classical hatha yoga practice. The focus of tantra path that Chinnamasta teaches is learning to surrender to the guidance of the Inner teacher. This is considered to be the highest teacher, connecting you on a soul level to eternal truth and freedom right here and now. The practices enhance the sensitivity towards yourself. The ground work of the first two days prepare you for the subtle and devotional sharing of this day and lead you to the heart of yoga.
This day includes a dharma talk about the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, a lecture about the different tantrik traditions and the four Devi’s connected to the chakras, a full tantrik practice, Q&A , mantra and meditation seeking refuge in the heart.
WHO: This 3-day program is open to all. It is a great way to connect and get to know Chinnamasta, the 30+ years of experience she shares, coming from a lifelong and never ending study and walking her talk. For yoga teachers/therapists in training this program will greatly support you on your own path of healing and offer the opportunity considering to dive deep into the advanced professional training programs offerings with Chinnamasta.
Although you may choose to come to only one of the three days it is highly recommended to join all three days, as they build upon one another. The three wisdom teachings are integrated into a unique model that transforms the way you experience your body, mind and heart and these cannot be understood and experienced fully when practiced separately. Chinnamasta merges the three teachings in a practical way for any householder learning how to live, love and let go.
Investment: $320 for 3 days or $120 per day
RECOMMENDED BOOKS: The principles that are shared are founded in the Structural Yoga Therapy book, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy book, Tantra Yoga Secrets book and Patanjali Yoga Sutra book by Mukunda Stiles. Chinnamasta has been initiated by Mukunda to hold the torch for these teachings and share them with great respect and love.
Chinnamasta Stiles has been living and sharing the trilogy wisdom teachings for thirty plus years. She started her career as a pediatric intensive-care nurse and moved into the field of ayurveda, yoga and tantra when she was 27 years old. She has been teaching side by side with Mukunda Stiles for multiple years until he transitioned in her arms in 2014. The time of illness and dying of her beloved has had a profound effect on her life and has enriched the way she shares the teaching from a Devi ( female being of light) perspective. Her vision is to offer anybody a way of living, loving and letting go that reflects the fullness of all areas of life, worldly and spiritually. Her focus is on supporting the deep seeker, embracing themselves with deep love and respect and finding what makes their heart sing. She continues to share the depth of the wisdom teachings both in the US and internationally, serving both professionals and anybody in the community open to find their way to a life of fullness overflowing. She currently lives in Healdsburg, California. To reach Chinnamasta personally and to find out more about her work and her offerings go to

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